We’ll be posting up and coming events here for our visitors, but in the meantime why not check out these fantastic resources below as a gateway to our wonderful city! You will also be able to make online bookings to just that special concert or performance that you will be looking forward to. Ask for our advice and assistance, should you have any problems booking the events of your choice. Please note that special performances will be booked out very quickly!

I amsterdam

The I amsterdam site of the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Tourism Board, the Amsterdams Uitburo (the Amsterdam ticket bureau) and several other partners, always has a great multilingual agenda of all that is happening in this fantastic city. No matter what time of year, come rain or shine, this vibrant city always has something going – whether in the arts department, museums or the famous nightlife – there is always something to keep you entertained, whatever taste you may have.

You can see what’s on at the I amsterdam What’s On website. Also check out the different options, like creating your own Amsterdam guide or using the ‘what’s on wizard’.


Drop the ‘i’ from the site above and you have yet another site detailing a lot of the attractions of this historic city (via short video’s) – privately run, so not always as sharp as its slightly more informed sister site above, it is still a valuable source of information for both first-time and regular visitors to this capital city.

You can also see what’s on at the easily recalled amsterdam.com.